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Greetings From Europe

Between HBaseCon and Hadoop Summit I took a short trip to Europe. I got to spend some more time working along side Nicolas and meet some of the Scaled Risk crew. I also took a small holiday through the hillside in Romania! Along the way, I was invited to present for both the Paris HPC Meetup and the London HBase Meetup.

In Paris, I presented (an admittedly rusty version of) my HBase for Architects talk. The audience was great though! Between the prepared materials and the questions, we spent over 90 minutes learning HBase. It was a lot of fun.

(That’s my bald head in the background)

The London group was much more familiar with HBase. The invitation came with specific interest my Data Type work, so I was happy to oblige. I presented an update on the talk I gave at the Hadoop Summit BoF 2013. Between preparing this talk and chatting with the Scaled Risk folks on their implementation, it’s clear to me that we have a little ways to go yet before the Data Type API is really helpful for developers.

Thanks a lot to the communities in both London and Paris for the hospitality. I look forward to visiting you again soon!