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HBaseCon2012, Scaling GIS in 3 Acts, Lightning Edition


HBasecon2012, the first of it’s kind, happened on Wednesday. I had the honor of presenting a lightning talk at the end of one of the Applications tracks. I shared a little of what I’ve learned over the last couple months in the new-to-me domain of GIS. I think the talk went well, despite my nerves, because I had many good questions from the audience. I look forward to continuing the work and providing more details the next time around.

Thanks again to all the organizers; a 600-person event is not easy to coordinate. HBase sure has come a long way :)

The End Is Nigh




Seattle Log
The 18th day of January on this year of our Lord, two-thousand and twelve.

I have navigated the frozen tundra, traversed the barren hinterlands, and arrived upon our still green base camp. I find it deserted, desolate. I fear I am the only one of our meager number to survive Mother Nature’s fury. Not even the locals have stirred from their dwellings and I suspect I will find neither warmth around their fires nor coffee at their stoves. Those too slow to find cover have fallen where they stood, leaving only ghastly, frozen monuments to their efforts. May God have mercy on their souls and may he guide me through this dark hour. I pray only to once again feel the sweet kiss of sunlight upon my face.

Yesterday vs. Today

It just happens I took a photo of yesterday's blue sky. Today is quite the contrast.



If a window is smashed in the night and no one is awake to hear it, does it make a sound?

80$ of window and 2 hours of frustration for 2$ in nickels :(


Seattle From the Air

I just returned from a couple weeks of work in San Francisco. On the way down, I snapped some shots as we were departing SEA. Through the magic of white-balance correction I've managed to pull out a few of the nicer ones; I'm pleased with the results. Enjoy.


Breaking in the New Grill #foodPorn

Salmon and asparagus beside clams and leeks drowned in Chardonnay. The asparagus ended up a little over-cooked but the seafood was perfect. I now need to make good on 1.5c of delicious clam juice. Yum!




Throwing Up Flowers


Yesterday I was gifted these lovely flowers, fresh from Pike’s Market. Lacking any kind of vase, I found a use of the gurgling pot.

S3-edge: Serve Files From S3 as if They Were Your Own.

Have you ever wished you could use HTTPS with your own CNAME on S3? "Well, sure, maybe that one time" you say? Great! You still can't. But until you can, there's a work-around: s3-edge.

This is a simple app which sits between S3 and your users. Push this war to a service like Elastic Beanstalk, a service which does allow you to specify your own certificate, and voila! You now have CNAME friendly HTTPS with the simplicity of S3 file management. Isn't that easy?

It's a simple, effective toy project – solves anĀ esotericĀ problem and demonstrates a super simple web application and consuming the AWS Java SDK in clojure. What more could you ask for? I don't know either.

Enjoy! If it breaks or runs too slow, well, patches are always welcome.