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Speaking at Strata/NYC

Strata + Hadoop World 2013

Wow, what a busy summer. In addition to Hadoop Summit, HBaseCon, and a little holiday, I managed to squeeze the foundation patches for a client-managed data type API into HBase 0.95.2. I also received word that my proposal to speak at Strata/NYC was accepted!

A few months back I gave a talk introducing the design of HBase as a distributed storage system. This will be an expanded version of that talk, adding coverage of client components involved in the read and write paths as well as (if there’s time) an overview the Master. This extended version is still evolving, so please send me any specific requests based on the previous talk. You can find the abstract over on the Strata Program.

See you in New York!

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Nick found Hadoop and HBase in 2008 when his nightly ETL jobs started taking 20+ hours to complete. Since then, he has applied these tools to projects over social media, social gaming, click-stream analysis, climatology, and geographic data. Nick also helped establish Seattleā€™s Scalability Meetup and tried his hand at entrepreneurship. He is an HBase committer and coauthored HBase in Action, the unofficial user's guide for HBase. His passion is scalable, online access to scientific data.